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07 Mar

I am new to RSS and have a big learning curve before becoming proficient with the program.  However, in the short time that I had a chance to use RSS I can see why it is so popular and such a benefit to the internet society no matter what your purpose is on the internet.  The program allows you to organize blogs and article and other sources of information into a neat little package that lets you see when there is new information for each subscribed source without having to open a new window or tab for each source.  A few of the benefits of using RSS programs is:

  • No more new tabs or windows to read information
  • No more subscribing to sites to get information from that site
  • Able to read new information while staying in the RSS program
  • No adds to sift through
  • Able to target more people with posts at a greater rate
  • Bookmarking is easy with the RSS symbol that Firefox and Internet Explorer use
  • Bloglines, Newsgator, Yahoo, MSN and others
  • Eliminate junk mail by subscribing to news and other sites without using your email

This type of sorting program has been around since the late 90’s and was only used by those in the know.  Now it is your turn to be in the know and utilize this great source of organizing information without adding all sorts of software to your computer.

My Google Reader

YouTube Video on understanding RSS


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