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14 Feb

I found The Horizon Report inspiring in the sense that it prompted me to dig further and find new information and relevant newer technologies that may have been developed from the work that is being done on current trends. I believe the new trends are untested in the educational field as a whole but warrant integration into the desired areas of study to be tested and used by the intended end users for feedback on its applicability.  The Simple Augmented Reality component of the report struck me as the most applicable for my area of teaching in educational technology.

Simple Augmented Reality image

I currently use AV software in my classroom as part of my lessons in instruction, tutorials, demonstrations and as examples.  The AV files are a great resource for students to find the relevance of what is accomplished not only in my classrooms but the relationship between curriculums.  I have started to use YouTube and Camtasia as a main part of the lesson plan introduction.  This has inspired students to use these resources outside of the classroom to assist in the completion of their projects and created more independent study by the students.  I also incorporate the software Google Sketch-Up into my construction class, the 3D modeling is a major part of our design process when creating the One Room Design and Model Home Design.  As I read through The Horizon Report on Simple Augmented Reality it occurred to me that this new technology would be a great addition for all areas of educational technology.  A few methods that come to mind in which simple augmented reality could be used are modeling projects, demonstrations, and creating short stories.  The use of an augmented reality software enables the student to create a virtual reality and test it’s function for solving the stated problem without having to actual create a working model.  This saves the student time and the use of class resources.  The student can then develop the final solution to be created as a working model knowing that it will meet it’s intended goal of solving the stated problem.

Augmented Reality image

The more we read of reports like The Horizon Report and incorporate new trends into the classroom either as an educator or student, the more we create new avenues for learning and inspiration.  As the current generation continues to become more connected and technologies advance to allow greater capabilities, it is in our best interests to find use of the applicable trends to enhance the experience and learning.

YouTube Video of Milo interactive computer program


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